We build WEB Applications to enhance your web site in many ways : from the well known to the most innovative.
Some examples :

  • contact form with confirmation email on the customer's side and warning email on the owner's side
  • social network links : share a page with one of the visitor's social network, links to the web site owner social networks, follow a tweeter account content
  • evolutive blog with pictures, videos, buttons "contact us" or even "buy"
  • online poll
  • grouped orders through an online form with acces code where results are gathered by the owner centrally
  • keyword / tag cloud
  • order or booking request management
  • fully integrated booking system with back-end and front-end management, possibility to have several levels of accounts and access rights : for example the customer side and the professional side, or the offer side and the demand side
  • stock management with several levels
  • guest book
  • photo galleries
  • ticket issuing management