A new Drupal web site : Mazeo 2012

Mazeo 2012 is online ! It is powered by Drupal 7... a pure marvel ! To read more about it in details : Mazeo project page

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What about WEB Sites and WEB Applications ?

I tend to more and more talk about Web Applications rather than simply Web Sites. Why ?
Web Sites naturally integrate more and more functionalities that allow customers to edit their contents themselves or upload new images anytime. Just because of that, what is under the hood of a web site is no longer a bunch of simple HTML pages that weight a few kilobytes : you find a complex system, called CMS (Content Management System) that controls, organizes and displays the content so that you don't need a technical tool to modify or add content anymore. It also allows people to access some specific parts of the web sites from anywhere : from the simple visitor to the web owner or the super administrator. Now we are talking about a system that weights several megabytes : the result of the hundreds of hours of open-source development carried by thousands of different developers around the globe.

OK, that is indeed a good point to have a sophisticated tools with some comfortable advantages for the web site owner. Still, I am inclined to say that this is still not allowing us to call that a Web Application yet. What is the added value for the final visitor ? for the final user of the web site ?

That is where today's CMS systems allow us to make much more :

  • allow visitors to use their social networks to relate about specific content of your web site : just a click away ! That is generally called virality !
  • allow visitors to send you sophisticated requests with specific details depending on the subject they want to address
  • allow visitors to book an asset you propose and make it possible for you to directly include this request in your business flow, without leaving the web site
  • allow visitors to leave comments, buy goods or services, etc.

That is no longer a simple web site we are considering here : but really a web application. So close to desktop applications that you can almost always find web application for each existing desktop application.

In conclusion, simple web sites are not exactly as simple as that : more than often, interaction with the visitor is part of the web site specification. Then we can talk about a web application !

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What is it about to run a software project ?

What is the workflow of a software project ?

The method really depends on the size and the requirements of the project.
Generally speaking, we can split the project cycle into the following steps :
- gathering and organization of the ideas
- planning
- workflow design
- wireframing of the pages
- ergonomy
- styling and commenting
- creation

ALTA Solutions has adopted the best collaborative tools for project management. Each of these tools is only used when required. Not more, not less !

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